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IGT in Australia and New Zealand offers much more than just well-designed gaming machines..

Machine servicing in New Zealand

IGT Service provides personalised service for the repair and maintenance of any gaming machines.  Our technicians are assigned to specific territories to ensure that they can build a rapport with their customer base and understand the requirements of the venues in their area.

Personalised service

Our Service team is divided between a number of regions, with each member of the regional team responsible for  the same clubs or hotels in their region.  This ensures that venues are familiar with their IGT technician and, more importantly, that our technical team has a good understanding of the venue and its service requirements.

Spare parts

Each technician is equipped with an extensive range of parts to cater for all brands of gaming machines. Teams are also supported by service stores, located in major centres, hold a wide range of spare parts - with almost half being for other manufacturers' gaming machines.  Venues enjoy quicker service turnaround, as there is no need to wait for spare parts that would otherwise have to come from Australia.

Technical support

IGT's Service team is highly trained and qualified.  Each technician attends regular training seminars for new products and servicing techniques including:

  • Poker machines
  • Links
  • Data Retrieval Systems
  • Keno terminals
  • Central Monitoring Systems
  • Lotteries terminals


Find a Technician Near You

For your convenience our technicians are located in all major cities and strategic centres.  Learn more